Wednesday, December 12, 2012


WOW, it's December 12, 2012 ... 12.12.12! I'm sure by the end of the day there will be stories of babies born today, born into a lifetime of being able to say his/her birthday is 12.12.12.

The closest we have to anything similar is our son Mark, born 2.8.88 and granddaughter Ari, born 1.1.10. But let's see, this won't be repeated until February 2, 2022? And on and on it goes.

Very busy in my little world ... planning, shopping, cleaning, and getting excited about Christmas with family. We won't all be together, but thankful for the time we just had in November.

Happy 12-12-12 .... and note the time this posted! Tee hee!

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