Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My father was born 84 years ago today in Luxora, Arkansas. He also graduated from the University of Arkansas, making him a "razorback." It's a type of pig and on Saturday afternoons when Arkansas football was on TV, I'd hear dad bellow, "oooooo, PIG, soooooowweeeee!" from the family room. It was his Arkansas cheer and very uncharacteristic of my staid father.

A son of the Depression, my dad's childhood taught him the value of hard work and contentment. These days, those seem to be fading character qualities.

10 adjectives come to mind when I think of my dad:

1. Wise
2. Witty
3. Intelligent (his dad said he'd send him to an Ivy League college, but dad decided against it.)
4. Skilled (he produced some amazing furniture over the years.)
5. Well-read
6. Sensible
7. Faithful
8. Devoted
9. Pensive
10. Hard-working

I wish I could spend the day with dad. I know as a boy, his birthday was overshadowed by Christmas. So officially, all the Christmas trappings aside, I wish him a very special and happy day!

(Dad shares his birthday with a long-time family friend, John Power, another wise and witty guy. Happy birthday, John!)

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